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The more adventurous among us will take 2 or 3 days to tackle one of the many trails.The highest peak is Sapitwa (3001m), the highest point in Malawi.“The maximum time we can hold a person is 120 days, and no one stays longer than that,” he says, adding: “We ensure that all persons detained for illegal migration are treated according to the highest human rights standards.” Seeking greener pastures The repatriation process requires that the South African government provide transportation and security for the transfer of people to their countries of origin.

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Ben Kaluwa, a University of Malawi economist, confirms that tough economic conditions in the country has left people – particularly young people – with no option but “to try to find greener pastures elsewhere”.

“Our government is failing to provide the right level of public services, including such basic necessities as education, medicine and food,” he says, adding that the rapid growth of Malawi’s population is also a factor, as the country’s economy is failing to absorb new entrants to the labour market.

Liwonde is best known for its proximity to Liwonde National Park.

Once inside the park safari-goers can view elephants and antelopes, a boat safari gives the opportunity to see hippos and crocs up close.

Many will spend at least one night in Lilongwe before exploring the warm heart.

Malawi’s vibrant capital city Lilongwe is our newest international destination on our route map.Not only is Blantyre the second most hashtagged location in Malawi, it is the second biggest city in Malawi.Blantyre is a picturesque city and acts as a fantastic hub to explore remote areas such as Mulanje and the Lower Shire Valley.[And] we are working with the South African Human Rights Commission on investigating certain deaths that happened at Lindela,” he says, declining to provide more details as the deaths are still under investigation.In May last year, in the wake of a nationwide outbreak of xenophobic violence, the government announced the launch of Operation Fiela.“Most of them say they want to find jobs, yet they lack proper documentation.

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