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If you’re able to date a Cougar, you’ll be one of the lucky few because there are many more Cubs (younger guys) than there are Cougars.Here are my tips on how to win out over the competition.

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After looking to make sure she’s not wearing a wedding ring, strike up a situational conversation.

This means, if you’re standing in line somewhere, ask about the event: “Have you heard if this is a good movie?

Cougar women are smart, sexy and savvy – and now they have a new website which celebrates that – The website launched after hundreds of thousands of men (and tens of thousands of women) worldwide gave their seal of approval to The Cougar Club’s Facebook page – Better, which achieved an impressive 271,000 Likes.

Do not introduce her to your friends or family on the first date.

This is the time to talk and get to know each other, to see if you’re both interested in going on a second date.

Don’t add to that pressure by introducing her to people who may not agree with younger men dating older women.

How to keep her happy She probably knows all of them and no longer has the time or patience to play them. If there’s an issue, talk about it, instead of being passive/aggressive or disappearing.

Attractive women over age 35 have found admiration, love and work opportunities on The Cougar Club’s Facebook page.

Best of all, unlike dating sites, the “Older is Better” Facebook page, which has an average of 150,000 views a day, allows older women - and the men who love them - to freely communicate using Facebook.

Website visitors can even submit photos and find out about new products.

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