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If you give your heart to everyone you meet the chances are that you will get it broken almost as many times as you give it away.

This can be particularly painful for someone who is in ‘love’ because they are very open and sensitive to begin with and will experience every rejection at a deep level, even if it is only after a couple of dates.

All of these are perfectly normal reactions when you first meet someone you connect with and are nature’s way of laying the foundations for a healthy relationship to develop.

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We asked him about the most important things to look out for for expats dipping a toe into the German dating waters. Don't get hung up on cultural differences Your experience of dating is not going to be wildly different from one country to another — especially in Europe.

“There isn't a huge difference among European countries, although the cliché is that northern countries are more pragmatic and the southern countries more romantic,” Hegmann said.

When a duckling hatches from its shell it will imprint and follow the first thing it sees even if it is not its mother – someone who is in ‘love’ can make a very strong attachment to someone with a minimal amount of encouragement, just a smile or a kind word is often enough to get their affection.

They are keen to find someone who feels the same way so the good feelings they have can be shared and prolonged.

Hegmann agrees that there's a stereotype that access to online dating makes people less likely to work through their problems or settle on any one person, but argues that it's false.

“Most normal people will find that this is wrong after about five or six months.

That's not to say that there aren't a few intercultural differences.

A 2008 survey of European singles for dating website Parship found that Germans tended to be the most experienced with serious relationships, uninterested in marriage and pessimistic about finding a new partner soon. If what you're doing isn't working, change it!

Being in love has as much to do with what happens inside you as what happens outside – your heart and mind are more open, you are in a heightened state of sensitivity; your imagination is in overdrive; your system is flooded with heady chemicals like dopamine and pleasure-giving endorphins.

People who fall in love very easily can often feel all these things almost instantly when they are matched with someone because this is their natural state.

However, it shouldn't be the one and only day of the year when you make an effort.

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