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That's where the healthy balance comes in –; if you let it come in with Mars, the planet of war and anger in Libra, the sign of balance and harmony all month long, along with Mercury the communicator in happy go lucky Sagittarius for the majority of the month.

Plus, with Neptune the planet of dreams and fantasy moving direct in sweet Pisces November 22, this truly is a time when the end of the month could end up being very different from the beginning.

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You are better off trying to win the argument by pointing out the vital facts and figures involved instead of firing words off against each other which could simply end up in one big argument.

Balance, harmony and tranquility without giving up on what it is you want is your mission this month.

And if it looks like you're spending the holidays on your own –; completely –; then take it as a chance to unwind, relax, catch up on your Netflix and movie list and read some books.

Next year you could be in a completely different mood/place/situation.

Hold that thought when things get tough or you feel alone.

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