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When Tauck put their preliminary 2015 schedule on the web site (which was in February 2014), we immediately contacted our agent Mindy and had her reserve our spots.

It was a good thing we did, as our tour date sold out within a couple weeks, even before Tauck had published final prices or itinerary details on their web site.

It is a culture of contradictions and eyebrow-raising juxtapositions.

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This is not one of Tauck's easier tours, but I would not really call it difficult either.

It will be a gem for those who already have experience with international travel, have gone with tour groups before, are flexible and adaptive, and are realistic with expectations.

Incidentally, Pavlus Travel claims to be "the world's largest single office seller of Tauck World Discovery Tours".

I appreciate working with a travel company that has plenty of experience with the specific travel I am doing.

Tauck released the finalized 2015 itinerary and pricing on April 2, 2014.

Since we had booked it already, this meant that we now had two weeks to cancel without penalty.

Update: Tauck has made a couple of itinerary changes for their tours beginning in 2016. We studied the country and culture before we left, but actually being there was like finishing a puzzle; all of a sudden the pieces were making sense.

Our itinerary description will be slightly different the ones Tauck currently offers. We will never view anything India-related the same way the rest of our life.

I have no hesitations recommending her if you are considering booking a tour with Tauck. Here is the information Mindy needed to relay to Tauck order to book our reservations: I gave her the information, she called Tauck and made the booking, and confirmed our booking within a few hours.

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