Legal dating ages in michigan

To ensure that the city's long-toxic water is finally lead-free and safe to drink, residents need to have the water pipes to their homes replaced.

AARP Michigan has been taking to the streets to make that happen.

Consequently, many states have decided to restrict passengers in cars driven by teens.

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Graduated licenses give teens an opportunity to gain maturity and improve their driving skills one step at a time.

Each state in the United States establishes their own driving laws, including laws about the age at which teens can begin driving, and the rules vary greatly about graduated license requirements. Research shows many parents aren't good at teaching kids to become safe drivers.

Approximately 2 out of 5 teen car crashes occur between 9 PM and 6 AM, so many states have enacted curfews to prevent teens from driving during the overnight hours.

One study discovered that restrictions on night driving reduced teen car crashes by 19 percent.

So many states have adopted specific cellphone restrictions for young drivers.

Unfortunately, some studies show cellphone restrictions may actually increase the chances that a teen will attempt to send text messages while behind the wheel.

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Getting a driver's license is a rite of passage for teenagers.

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