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This material is now surveyed for theological accuracy and adherence to various church goals.

The stay-at-home programs which do not involve overnight accommodations are often held at local church stake centers.

Sessions of the Especially for Youth program have been held in the following nations: EFY sessions in Latin America began in Guatemala in 2009 and are now running as FSY conferences in the Central America region, Mexico and other South American countries.

Sessions take place during the summer months in order to coincide with the summer break practiced by many schools.

The program is led by Latter-day Saint young adults who serve as counselors for the youth during the sessions.

Since the EFY Express one-day programs all occur within a day they can be held during the school year.

follows eight young Mormon siblings as they search for love, are beset by temptation, and learn loyalty to their sprawling and unwieldy family—with all of this scored to a tinkle-y, ’70s-pop soundtrack.Progressives were idealists, rationalists, and moralists—and the Mormons, whose theology had always rejected original sin and preached that every human being possessed the infinite potential of divine inheritance, seized upon these ideas and pursued them to the fullest.They embraced the Boy Scouts of America, Sunday schools, and youth programs designed to uplift their own.Looked at this way, correlation is simply Mormonism’s answer to, say, the Council of Trent.While the decisions made at Trent sought to deal with the splintering effects of the Reformation and the burgeoning age of print, correlation was born in a collision between the social upheavals of the 1960s and the progressive ideals of the early 20 Before World War I, Mormons enthusiastically participated in the turn of the century progressive movement, which exalted order, moral virtue, and a faith that proper education, efficient government agencies, and well-meaning volunteers could transform America’s poor and immigrants into productive, assimilated members of the middle class.In 2010, the first EFY sessions were held in Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Cape Verde, Norway, Netherlands, Tahiti, El Salvador, and Honduras. However, beginning in 2012 most international locations began holding For the Strength of Youth (FSY) conferences, which are organized through local area presidencies, rather than through BYU.

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