Late 18th century courship and dating in britain Best nude chatrandom

You might take this for granted, but it was highly unusual.

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The Inns of Court, the Army barracks, Oxford and Cambridge Colleges, were institutions custom-designed to cater to the domestic needs of bachelors, with all their hot meals and clean linen sorted for them.

The itemised college bills that I have found are fascinating because they expose and price all the services young men get from home for nothing.

Young men flew free of the nest, fuelled by family money, but in the letters that men write home, you get a picture of what they consider their domestic needs to be, and who can best answer their questions.

They still wrote home to mother for help with mysterious practicalities.

However, what really struck me when I read 18 Century Mens’ diaries is that the reverse is the case for that century.

Nowadays I think it is hard to imagine that there was ever a time when marriage was the summit of a young man’s hopes.

Of course, if you think about it, that means there is a long interlude of at least ten years between puberty and marriage, and this amidst a fierce religious taboo against fornication and without reliable contraception.

As a result, how to manage young men in the interim was an issue for authority.

I think you get a strong sense of who this ‘ideal bachelor’ is from advertising copy: he would be white-water rafting, full of testosterone, living on espresso and evading the dead hand of commitment.

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