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No one dared intervene as they silently dragged the young man into the back of a police car.

A “habitual debauchery” case had already been prepared against him at the police station.

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This has all contributed to a public hysteria which is fueling new arrests, according to Ahmed Hossam, a human rights lawyer representing several detainees swept up in the crackdown.

He said in the confusion the number of those arrested for being gay could be as high as 120. NGOs only document the cases they personally know or the ones that seek help from them.

It even tops the notorious 2001 raid on the Queen Boat, a floating nightclub on the Nile.

Back then 52 men were arrested and 21 of them were handed three-year jail sentences.

The pair agreed to meet in a discreet downtown café popular with members of the LGBTQ community who have to keep a low profile in Egypt where they are targeted by the security forces.

But instead of seeing his new friend, three low-ranking policemen and an officer in plain clothes were waiting.

As photos of the multicolored flags flooded social media, the state vowed to crush the LGBT movement, calling it a threat to public morals.

Two activists, Ahmed Alaa, 21, and Sara Hegazy, 28, were detained in Cairo for actually raising the flag, on charges including “promoting sexual deviance” and “belonging to a banned group” which can carry a 15-year jail sentence.

The undercover policemen were increasingly offering to pay money for sex via these dating apps in a bid to entrap vulnerable and impoverished members of the LGBTQ community.

The financial dimension complicates the case, and means charges related to prostitution can be used, lengthening the prison terms.

“Seconds later my friend left the group chat and called me to say this was his cousin, he was definitely a police officer,” the man said.

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