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These brides were better educated than their male partners, and brought life and hope to the predominantly bachelor community.

They actively took part in church activities and independence movements that helped free their homeland from Japanese colonial rule.

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The history of Koreans in America began when some 7,000 Koreans were recruited and brought to Hawai'i as plantation laborers, from 1903-1905.

For instance, the rate of Korean business ownership is 71 percent higher than their share of the population, highest of all the major Asian ethnic groups. Language difficulties and unfamiliarity with American culture prevent many from finding a satisfactory job commensurate with their education and work experience.

Their options are: 1) work in a safe but lower-status and less rewarding job, or 2) operate their own business in a risky and difficult environment.

Koreans also constitute a significant minority of the resident population in several cities in these areas. Surveys conducted in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta confirm that about one-third of Korean immigrant households engage in a self-owned business.

In the 1970s, a typical newly-arrived family would start a small business after a few years of work on assembly lines or with maintenance companies. Economic Census confirmed many of the anecdotal pictures of Korean business patterns that have been reported in Korean newspapers.

Nowadays, many start business shortly after arrival thanks to the strong economy and liberalization of foreign exchange laws in Korea. With more than 155,000 businesses, Koreans rank third among APAs, after the Chinese and Indians.

But their tendency to enter into business is one of the highest among all minority ethnic/racial groups. But the more important reason is that many Korean immigrants face status inconsistency and the ensuing erosion of self-esteem after arriving in the U. A majority of Korean immigrants earned college degrees and held professional jobs before moving to America.

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Students and political exiles constituted the third group of early Korean immigrants and they provided significant leadership in the pre-World War II Korean American community.

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