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There’s the adage “A dog never rejects Bone.”This describes a Yoruba Man. (Bother their ladies and Guys) if anyone tells you something along the line you later found out it was a Lie; and it leaves you wondering if you were charmed into believing it. IGBO MEN: An Igbo man is ready to take good care of you and buy you the latest of whatever you want. HAUSA MEN are shy; they only talk to you when they know the environment is right.

They are also called the “ladies men.”DELTA MEN (aka Warri). Everything you are doing for them, washing and all that, is out of your own kind gesture. But will be the first to say “Girls are not loyal.” I wonder what they think loyalty means.

What should an american woman know about dating a nigerian man, wouldn't he prefer to be with someone who is familar with his own culture? Initially he told me he already had his papers or green card, but recently he fessed up and told me it was all still up in the air(he is here legally sponsered by his employer). He has been asking me if I would want to visit or possible relocate there at some point in the future because his parents are getting old.

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The truth of the matter is that Nigerian men prefer certain types of women for marriage and they prefer certain types of women just for sleeping and nothing more.

Women who are at the top of the marriageable list are;1.

He loves to see you shake that ass to Sir Shina Peters, the original "Back That Ass Up" master.14. He calls you native endearing names like "Nne" or "Omo"19. The way he knows that it is you calling and answers the phone "Hey Baby! The way Naija men look when they are all decked out in native? The way he flows from Ebonics to Pidgin English to Akata with ease.29.

He will settle an argument and say sorry while maintaining his man status.15. He has respect [not to be confused with obedience) for his elders(important).20. there is nothing sexier than a dark chocolate man in lace o! He is just at home at your office picnic as he is at the Naija reunion.30.

I have never known a nigerian man before, but I have been dating one for almost a year now.

Should I be concerned about his intentions as far as trying to get me out of the country? He really seems genuine to me and I don't mind helping him if thats the case, but I don't want to get myself in one of those nightmare situations you read about.Women With Ample Flesh Most Nigerian men will not marry a skinny woman but they would rather sleep with her instead.Many men from the western and eastern part of Nigeria believe that a woman is more beautiful if she has ample flesh, some men have been known to date only women who have big butts!Light skinned women are always the centre of attraction and most men who date them believe that marrying (a much coveted) light skinned girl will do wonders for their egos.Most dark skinned women have taken to using skin bleaching crèmes in order to compete with their fairer counterparts.2.The trick most women employ is to become his legal wife first, and after the wedding (now they have a firm foot hold) they’ll draw up a list of do’s and don’ts for their husbands to abide by.4.

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