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Some shampoo formulas offer a combined shampoo/conditioning treatment.

These products have been proven to be less effective since the moisturizing agents are mixed in with shampoo agents and this can result in less conditioning of the tresses.

Best for hair virgin hair, hair that is not chemically damaged or fine, limp hair if a conditioner is needed.

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Most hair conditioners still fall into basic categories.

The basic options cover the following hair conditioning treatments: 1. Conditioning and moisture enriching shampoo formulas 3.

Post shampoo rinse-out conditioners which are also known as finishing rinses and instant conditioners 4. Conditioning detanglers designed to condition while detangling after shampoo sessions 9.

Deep conditioning treatments which can be used at a variety of times on either dry or wet hair. Leave-in conditioners used after hair is washed and towel dried 6. Moisture enhancing hair mousses with conditioning properties 10.

Since the conditioner is ultimately rinsed out, it can help with detangling and snags but ultimately it can not offer enough intensive conditioning for chemically treated or damaged hair.

It can help soften waves and natural curls but is usually not enough for helping to smoothe texture.

When it comes to hair conditioners there are always advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of hair conditioner you select, the brand you choose and what issues you are trying to address with regard to your strands.

Many hair consumers may find themselves overwhelmed by the vast number of hair conditioners currently available on the market.

These conditioners can be used at a variety of times on either dry or wet hair.

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