Asia sex dating - Katy perry dating benji madden

Thank you for a wonderful weekend @nicomiz and @sweetbabyjamie.

Katy has a clear pattern of being into guys who are funny-ish, but probably draining to be around for longer than fifteen minutes – a characteristic not too dissimilar from Katy herself.

To help her out when the inevitable Riff Raff heartbreak occurs, here are some more guys who could swoop into her wide-eyed life.

He recently ended an engagement, and is celebrating by hanging out with five unwholesome-looking ladies.

His and Katy’s first date could be to a Miami Heat game followed by exorbitant amounts of bottle service at da club.

Katy loves unkind men with tattoos, as I’ve already irrefutably established, and this guy is the most perfect embodiment. I wrote this piece, so clearly I’m hilariously funny and an enormous douche myself. I think she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world, which is kind of embarrassing to admit, and I sincerely love her music in way that would probably surprise people who assume I’m being ironic.

The As I Lie Dying frontman recently pled guilty to plotting to murder his ex-wife (he’s single!

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's relationship has advanced to the part where they start going to weddings together.

Over the weekend, the couple was spotted in Aspen, Colorado, where they witnessed the wedding of stylist Jamie Schneider and Nico Mizrahi.

Riff Raff, in case you don’t know, is a meme masquerading as a “rapper”, though he’s more notable for generally being a weird, inscrutable guy who may or may not be a performance artist and inspired James Franco’s character in .

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