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It often seems to me that screenwriters don't read, or do research when dealing with literary subjects!

I'm sorry that they didn't give Megan Fellows better material. Ps: Diana's husband Fred Wright was a pleasant, down-to-earth farmer in the Anne books.

I am not even going to discuss the new character of Jack Garrison, who seemed to be pulled out of thin air to form a soap opera-like love triangle.

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And I agree with [email protected] about her comments about Jack Garrison. To even have this guy as a threat to his relationship with Anne has to be an insult.

I don't normally feel this way about characters in a movie, but I HATED the guy. He's a disgusting liar for one thing and womanizer... I also didn't care for Green Gables being turned into a shanty and then burned.

Nigdy nie myślał o tym, żeby zostać aktorem, ale został zauważony w przedstawieniu Czarnoksiężnik z Krainy Oz w szkole Lawrence Park przez reżyserkę Diane Polley.

To właśnie ona zarekomendowała 17-letniego Jonathana do roli Gilberta Blythe w ekranizacji Ani z Zielonego Wzgórza, która przyniosła mu największą popularność i sympatię widzów.

Anne and Gilbert's future life and family still remain a mystery to we who assumed that "The Continuing Story" would bring finality to the story that should have been a peaceful, satisfying classic just as it's predecessors were.

The only reason I can think of that this movie even bears the title "Anne of Green Gables" is that the director/producer/whomever decided that they could make a lot more money misleading hundreds of loyal Anne fans.

I also cannot understand why Kevin Sullivan, who first presented Anne on screen with such sincerity, could somehow think that the original L. Montgomery stories were simply not good enough anymore?

This movie might not be exciting to the "Mission Impossible" fans that it seems to be geared towards, but Avonlea was exactly the setting that made the Anne movies so wonderful.

Anne was still Anne (although she was more calm and mature) and Gilbert was still Gilbert.

However, all this film really did for me was long for the first two installments and leave the story ending with Anne and Gilbert on that bridge with their future ahead of them.

Like many fans, I grew impatient and simply read the books. .yes, all eight of them, just to find out what happened after they left us all hanging at "the bridge". Montgomery even went on to write a book about Rilla, Anne's youngest daughter.

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