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Rachel’s work—wildly fanciful laminated-plywood sculpture is her current focus—holds such compelling interest for John that last spring, when she was feeling overwhelmed by the demands of raising their two young boys (Francis is four, Hollis is two) and thought maybe she should take a year off from making art, he argued her out of it.

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Hanging just to the right of the new painting is a small oil-on-canvas study, fairly rough but with more detail and in color.

“Actually, I posed for the body,” he says, indicating the left-hand figure in the painting.

Currin uses the motif, but by taking it into another medium he changes the temperature—the sensual pleasures of oil painting evoke what’s absent in the photographs.

“There’s a kind of comedy in making paintings of this,” he tells me.

He often uses his own hands, arms, or face (viewed in a mirror) for the initial image, in preference to hiring live models.

“When I get people to pose for me, it almost never works,” he explains.

“You should never will a change in your work—you have to work an idea to death.

I often find that the best things happen when you’re near the end.” The new paintings will be shown in March at the Sadie Coles gallery, in London. Most pornography today is photographic, and it has a coldness that suggests (to me, anyway) an underlying contempt for adult sexuality.

I’ll keep myself the only person humiliated by this painting.”A few days before this first studio visit, my wife and I had had dinner at an uptown restaurant with Currin and Rachel Feinstein, his wife, who is also an artist.

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