Jennifer granholm and the dating game

Game show nostalgists everywhere were dealt a crushing blow Tuesday when Jim Lange, the original host of “The Dating Game,” died at the age of 81.

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The questions were all framed provocatively, with plenty of opportunity for a naughty answer. In the years since the show aired, some fascinating names came up on You Tube’s radar — of on-the-prowl singles who would one day make a name for themselves.

A typical question went something like this: “Bachelor Number Three, it’s the holiday season and I’m Santa — you’re on my lap. Before his hair went white and his stand-up comedy career took off, Steve Martin appeared on the show (on multiple occasions).

Both Greg and Marcia Brady (Barry Williams, Maureen Mc Cormick) appeared as celebrity bachelors/bachelorettes.

And, who knows, maybe his appearance on “The Dating Game” inspired future “Family Feud” host Richard Dawson to get into game shows.

By Debbie Schlussel Last week, I told you about the disaster that crazy liberal Democrat Jennifer Granholm wrought on Michigan, where I was born and raised and currently live.

When she was running for Governor back in 2002 and my CBS Radio show debuted on Detroit radio, I was trying like heck to get my hands on the Jennifer Granholm episode of “The Dating Game.” But the show wasn’t available on DVD, and the producers and rights owners wouldn’t release it to us (probably to help liberal Jenny from the Crock win the election).

And after she was anointed Governatrix–and her effeminate husband who took her last name and held forums on proudly being a Mr. Now, after her meltdown at the Democratic National Convention, the “Dating Game” episode has finally surfaced.

Check out this bimbo–who never stopped being a bimbo, despite her switch from the “Mork From Ork” get-up to the pixie hair and more conservative dress she sported as Governor. a positive turn of events for the “chosen one” on the show. She thinks she is one, and she married a chick with faux-testicles.

And note that Granholm, who was trying to become an actress, but failed (at least in Hollywood, as she did a bad acting job in Michigan for years and, yet, won three elections), said she never went on the date . By the way, the only other “Dating Game” contestant Governor was Arnold Schwarzenegger, another disaster.

Not that it’s brain surgery to note that if your Governor appeared on a dating show, he/she/it is probably gonna be a piece of crap as a leader (and as a person).

“I’m a Democrat of the liberal persuasion and I have always admired Jennifer Granholm,” he said.

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