Is angela simmons and terry kennedy still dating

What’s even WIERDER (if that’s a word) is that Angela was at both of the events alongside her sister. In related news, as you know Angela Simmons WAS dating skaterboarder “Viva La Bam” star, Terry Kennedy, but the two have confirmed that they broke up! The reason they broke up is because Terry was BUSTED cheating on Angie! It gets worse, he was trickin’ on her with his ex-girlfriend.

We hear the couple will officially go public as a lovin’ twosome when Angela accompanies Robert to his birthday bash at the Mirage Hotel’s Jet Nightclub this weekend.

The news has come as a mayjah surprise to celebrity stalkers, who up until last week still had Angela, 22, romantically-linked to rap star Bow Wow.

The 2nd episode of “Daddy’s Girls” airs tonight on MTV.

Anyways, Page Six claims that Bow Wow was seen flirting with Vanessa Simmons at her 25th birthday bash at Mansion in Miami this past weekend. Bow Wow used to date Vanessa’s sister, Angela Simmons, last year.

The caption under the pic reads “So hard to lose when all we do is win”…In another pic, Brenn giving the middle finger to the camera which I’m sure was aimed at TK.

Angela Simmons ended up leaving a comment days later saying “Isn’t it great when ppl get busted! Scroll down and check out his athletic body, short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts. Danielle wants to bring a dog into the house so Angela brings her to an animal shelter. Vanessa becomes extremely angry because her boyfriend is allergic to cats.Angela freaks out and threatens to leave the house forever, so Vanessa and Jessica quickly track down an exterminator.Sadly, Simmons will probably be a single mother as soon as she gets tired of her fiancé cheating on her with side chicks. Instagram blog Fameolous has all the juicy details.We all know Angela Simmons has recently broken up with her skateboarder/”Viva La Bam” star boyfriend Terry Kennedy (TK).

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