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In the past decade i Phone and the ensuing smartphone revolution have altered our world more thoroughly than any previous computer generation.

Join us as Koller and Sterling share their stories and offer insights into what the future holds for all of us.

It takes hard work, hard science, and hard-core commitment to change the world.

Through hands-on activities that emphasize collaboration and problem-solving, participants develop a deeper understanding of the history of technology and its role in shaping our present and future.

This workshop is open to children ages 7 and up accompanied by at least one adult.

The Exponential Center captures the legacy—and advances the future—of entrepreneurship and innovation in Silicon Valley and around the world.

The center explores the people, companies, and communities that are transforming the human experience through technology innovation, economic value creation, and social impact.

They have reached more than half the world’s population and have changed the way we communicate, travel, work, entertain ourselves and even sleep.

To close the i Phone 360 event series, on October 18th veteran technology writers Steven Levy and John Markoff will host...

This program is intended for students with little to no programming experience and focuses on core concepts of collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity to help students to practice communication skills and gain confidence to see themselves as active, capable problem-solvers and future innovators.

Please note that this program is for students in grades 6 through 8.

The program is supported by volunteers from the tech industry who act as role models and mentors, allowing students to meet and interact with real tech professionals.

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