Intimidating rage imperious command

Try playing a race with Powerful Build for one (Intimidate is an opposed skill check where you gain a size-related bonus), use any abilities you may have that lower your enemy's saves and have Bluff at 5 ranks for skill synergy. Bard Warblade Dread Pirate Use two Crystal Echoblades( bard levels to damage when using bardic music) from Magic Item Compendium Employ your superior Inspire Courage to give yourself and the party high boosts.

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Takes the feats Intimidating Rage (any time you Rage you can demoralize one opponent within 30 ft.

as a free action), Instantaneous Rage (you can Rage as an immediate action, that is even if it's not your turn) and Imperious Command (requires 8 ranks in Intimidate and a Charisma score of 15, makes enemies that you succesfully demoralize cowered for one round and shaken for one after that). of your enemy and when they try to do anything just Rage. Now you just have to pump your Intimidate skill through the roof and there's lots of ways to do that.

(In games that I run, Pun-Pun is my Avatar and GMNPC. And Hell, does your GM allow for templates that give an LA?

'Cause rocking a Half-Celestial Human dual-wielding Greatswords... This is my current favourite: A Barbarian with a Charisma score of at least 15.

As for a Prestige Class, Go for either Kensai 10 or Dervish 10 along with Tempest 5.

Your character will be the Machine Gun From The Abyss. Or, yeah, if you want to break the game and make your GM hate you/give your GM eternal nightmares about 5th level kobolds, go for Pun-Pun.

CWar on Monkey Grip: "You can use a melee weapon one size category larger than you..." DMG on size category: "A weapon’s size category isn’t the same as its size as an object.

Instead, a weapon’s size category is keyed to the size of the intended wielder.

So it looks like my 3.5 character is going to die within minutes of our game session starting up this week. With that feat metamagic feats applied to one spell cost one level less than they normally do.

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