Interratial dating tennessee

Allie launched her Go Fund Me page on Thursday with the aim of raising ,000 that she said would pay for the first year of her college tuition.By Monday morning, just a few days after setting the 'Allie's Tuition - Say No To Racism' page live, the total is more than triple that goal, at ,545 with donations from 1, 287 people.The only thing I can say is that you can either go with it or go against it.'We just hope and pray that things get better and life continues to go well.'They (both) come from very good families and they'll make the right decisions.'Meanwhile Bill Dowdle's uncle defended his nephew against his daughter's allegations of racism.

The family of the black university student whose girlfriend was 'cut her off' by her parents because of their relationship has spoken out in support of her decision to launch a Go Fund Me page titled 'Say No to Racism.'The campaign brands her father a racist and asks for help with the college tuition fees she claims he will no longer pay.

Eighteen-year-old high school senior Allie Dowdle took the drastic action last week, writing online that her parents were 'no longer supporting' her future.

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But according to Michael's uncle John Roberson, 66, a retired officer with Shelby County Sheriff's Office, the Clemson University soccer player, and freshman student in sports communication, is taking the difficult situation 'in his stride.'He said: 'It's a sad situation and it's just rough at this time for him but he's taking it in his stride and I'm quite sure that things will get better as time moves on.'Last week Allie's father, Bill Dowdle, 45, insisted that his attitude was 'never about race' but admitted to the New York Daily News that issues with interracial dating in the South meant that his daughter's relationship with Swift would not have been his 'preference.'Roberson said that he has never met Bill Dowdle and could not say if his actions were racially motivated but that he knows Allie well.

He said: 'She's an 18-year-old young lady and has to make her own decisions in life.

User Marissa Kizer wrote on the page: 'Sending a white girl from a middle-class family to college is not fighting racism.''In fact, expecting to avoid work, student loans, etc.

and be treated like a hero for dating a black guy seems pretty racist to me.' Bill Dowdle, said that his daughter dating a black man may not be his 'preference' because of 'issues' involved with biracial dating in the South.

I hate it.'Allie is currently a senior at Hutchison Academy in Memphis, a ,000 a year private school for girls.

Swift attended the similarly exclusive school for boys, Memphis University School, nearby before enrolling as a freshman at Clemson University, South Carolina.

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