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As the ex-wife of Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years her junior, Moore has a fondness for the younger men. Moore, who is now 51, is linked to 27-year-old Sean Friday, the drummer for the band Dead Sara. And something tells us if things don’t work out with Friday that she’ll have a slew of more young men lining up to date her.

Moore was a chick that did it right in Hollywood and started dating younger after a bit of experimentation.

Her first marriage was to musician Freddy Moore, a man 12 years her senior.

Another source for The Seventh Seal was Trämålning (1954; variously translated as A Medieval Fresco, Wood-painting, and A Painting in Wood), created for his students at the Malmö Theatre School and which featured most of the characters and situations later depicted in the film.

An atmosphere of gloom and ‘existential’ despair pervades the film and is reflected in many scenes.

“Among other users, people from age group of 55 plus, come mostly looking for intellectual dating.

They are usually looking for people from their age with whom they can have conversations and share moments of their life.” Interestingly, most people prefer to chat on the site which gives them an instant connect with the users.

Many years later, this would become the image that most viewers will probably retain from one of his most famous films.

The visual power of the film still astonishes, its ‘sense of being a medieval woodcut brought to life: stylised figures carved from the “wood” of black-and-white film’.Although she had three children with Willis, the pair called it quits. Friday is 27 now, so he was nine in 1996 when Moore’s super sexy movie Striptease came out.And then Moore set her sights on younger men looking for a hot cougar, like Kutcher and then Mr. Call us crazy, but we’re guessing that Moore peaked Friday’s curiosity in the movie and perhaps even made the young musician “become a man” from watching it. The has about 30,000 chat messages exchanged in a day along with over 400 male and female users exchanging contacts every single day.The platform is also visited by over 10,000 old and new users every day along with 800-1000 people joining everyday to find matches.Quack claims to have 3.5 lakh users who use its platform to mingle with others who are ready to mingle!

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