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With some New Orleans neighborhoods seeing 8 to 10 inches of rain falling in just a few hours Saturday (Aug.

5), the rainfall overwhelmed the ability of the Sewerage & Water Board's 24 pump stations to keep up, though all were operating, city officials said Sunday.

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Police said there were no road closures as of a.m.

Sunday, but said that could change, depending on additional rainfall.

"Although very high rainfall amounts will not be widespread, any one isolated location could receive very high amounts from 3 to as much as 6 inches of rainfall," forecasters said in a forecast discussion message.

"This is normally not an issue if it is spread through a long period of time, but unfortunately, this amount of rainfall could again fall within a short duration for any particular area." The city has put a link on its web site with information on what to do after flooding, including how to file flood insurance claims.

The temporary pumping stations at the ends of the 17th Street, London Avenue and Orleans Avenue canals only operate when the floodgates blocking water from Lake Pontchartrain are closed, and thus are not operated during a rainfall event.

The three permanent pumping stations under construction at the ends of those canals are not yet complete, but will operate in the same way.

"Today, we begin the hard work of assisting those who flooded and getting our streets passable for regular traffic.

With additional rain expected today and the rest of this week, I would encourage all of our residents to clean in front of their catch basins." According to the news release, the 8 to 10 inches of rain that fell in some neighborhoods equated with a rainfall event that has a 1 percent chance of occurring in any year, a so-called 100-year event.

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