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Of course, there’s day-to-day life to focus on, because this magick business isn’t going to pay for itself.Iona finds a job at a local stable, which is owned by Boyle Mc Grath.

She is defending herself and her family against their enemy, Cabhan, a dark sorcerer who wants Sorcha’s power—and Sorcha—for himself.

Sorcha does her best to fend him off, but to no avail, and her children’s fates are ultimately left hanging in the balance. Our modern-day heroine, Iona Sheehan, is no ordinary woman.

Ansari's publisher suggested he co-author the book with Eric Klinenberg, a sociologist at NYU who wrote , a study of the global rise of single-person households that also touches on the way technology has transformed relationships — a favorite theme of Ansari's.

"Once I decided I wanted the book to have this vibe, I needed someone to help me do it properly," he says.

She treats herself to a proper mini vacation, one that includes spending a week at a local castle-turned-hotel, but then wastes no time finding her relations.

She meets her distant cousins, Branna and Connor O’Dwyer, both of whom are also descendants of Sorcha.

The result is an entertaining read that gives readers a good dose of both otherworldly situations and matters that are more grounded in reality.

The book opens in the thirteenth century with Sorcha, who is known as the Dark Witch and is guarding her home and her three children while her husband is away at war.

In the age of infinite dating websites and mobile apps, Boyle’s ideas almost seem brand-new.

He generously gives Iona a “We’ll go have dinner sometime,” which Branna, who has known Boyle for many years, hilariously notes to Iona that, coming from him, “It’s all but a proposal of marriage.” When Boyle and Iona finally do get to know each other in the biblical way, it’s quite awesome.

Within minutes, she’s got him pinned down, looks-wise, and finds him to be a mix of “Cowboy, pirate, wild tribal horseman,” which immediately has her feeling all “Sign me up!

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