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The New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), a nationalist party, secured a sweeping victory in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium in national elections held on 13 June 2010, paving the way for more powers to be delegated to the regions in the country that hosts the EU institutions.Flemish nationalist gains were matched by a large victory for the socialists in French-speaking Wallonia, with both parties expected to spearhead government coalition talks.Flemish reaction contradictory The reaction of the Flemish appears to be contradictory.

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Having previously covered Depeche Mode and created their own techno jams on their You Tube channel, the band have emulated another set of robots and covered Daft Punk’s classic ‘Da Funk’ with drum pads, bass guitar, Nintendo DS and more (with the help of their human operator).

Watch it above, and then emulate Daft Punk with your keyboard.

Flemish nationalists immediately denounced the "provocation". The French-speaking Belgian community will adopt the name "Federation Wallonia-Brussels," it emerged yesterday after a debate in the Walloon parliament in Namur.

The political declaration, which has not been enacted at federal level, was announced yesterday (4 April) by Rudy Demotte, premier of the Wallonia region and representatives of Belgium's four biggest French-speaking parties – the Socialists (PS), the liberals (MR), the centre-right (cd H) and the Greens (Ecolo).

Features and Known Issues from prior releases of VMware Workstation Player are described in the release notes for each release.

Billed as “the world’s first Lego robotic band,” the Toa Mata Band are made up of figures from the construction toy’s Bionicle range, which are controlled by an Arduino microprocessor and play a variety of electronic instruments.

Nach dem Rücktritt von Nikolaus Harnoncourt im Dezember 2015 hat Stefan Gottfried gemeinsam mit Erich Höbarth und Andrea Bischof die Leitung des Concentus Musicus Wien übernommen und dirigierte daraufhin am Theater an der Wien, die Concentus-Abonnementkonzerte im Wiener Musikverein und etwa auch das Gedenkkonzert für Nikolaus Harnoncourt in Sankt Georgen.

In the absence of a solution to reform the Belgian state and set up a new government, French-speaking politicians have apparently turned to plan B: laying the ground for a future "federation" grouping together Wallonia and Brussels.

A few days ago, Olivier Maingain, the best-known French-speaking nationalist, who is also a politician from the liberal MR party, disclosed plans for what he called "the common future of Wallonia and Brussels".

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