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Other major airports in Afghanistan can be found in Kandahar and Mazar-i-sharif.

Islam is practised by the vast majority of Afghans and governs almost all that they do during their daily lives.

Situated 5,800 feet above sea level on a barren plateau surrounded by rugged, treeless mountains, Kabul guards the entrance to the Khyber Pass, the traditional route between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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Some Areas in the East of the country bordering Pakistan are affected by the Indian monsoon which brings moist, maritime, tropical air in the summer.

The current population of Afghanistan is estimated at approximately 32 million people, with many who had fled the troubles now starting to return.

The Hamid Karzai international airport is located sixteen miles from the centre of Kabul and serves as the country’s main airport.

A new international terminal, built by the government of Japan, opened in 2008.

Afghanistan is divided by the Hindu Kush Mountains running across the country making up the central highlands; these mountains also form part of the Himalayas.

The country has a largely arid climate with hot, dry summers and cold winters with high levels of snowfall particularly in the central highlands.

If any such issues did arise there would be little support from the Afghan legal system largely due to their inexperience in dealing with complex commercial issues.

Of course, conducting business in Afghanistan has its differences when compared to doing business elsewhere in the world.

The Afghan communication style can often be rather indirect; you’ll usually find it necessary to read between the lines to decipher what is actually being indirectly stated.

This is just part of the culture and should be accepted; under no circumstances should you directly accuse or speak down to someone as this would again be bringing their honour into question.

Located in the city are multiple five star hotels which include the Marriot and the Serena Hotel.

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