I keep dating the wrong girls

There are actually some helpful tricks and tips that I can teach you, which may assist you in making better decisions in the future with regard to women.

i keep dating the wrong girls-49

He was actually afraid of rejection and he was picking girls based on his subconscious fear of rejection.

He would never make a move on a girl, if he wasn’t certain that she liked him.

By the end of my first drink, we had both worked out what the problem was.

He only went for girls who he knew liked him first.

People come to me all the time wondering, “Why am I attracted to [fill in the blank]?

” Why am I attracted to people who treat me badly, emotionally unavailable men, legally unavailable men, gold digging women…I’ve heard it all.

For example, let’s assume you’re aware that you tend to fall for jerks—that’s your pattern.

Get familiar with the early warning signs that your pattern is about to strike.

And the truth is, I don’t know why you’re attracted to them. Maybe the nice, stable, available partner also leaves you feeling scared and vulnerable.

But in the end, the why doesn’t matter all that much. Become uber aware The first step to ending your pattern is to catch it.

Are you a guy who keeps thinking, “I picked the wrong girl“?

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