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In your DTD you generally have to choose a single namespace declaration method because of the weak namespace support*.

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A good portion of the XML specification is dedicated to the description of DTD.

XML Schema is the 400-pound gorilla validation method among XML validation standards.

Section 3 of the standard includes a full listing of Simple Types.

XML Schema also provides the ability to create user-defined data types.

XML Schema is a considerably more powerful validation mechanism than DTD because it adds data types and more sophisticated structure constraints. One of the more intuitively advantageous aspects of XML Schemas is that they are expressed as XML documents.

Having a schema expressed in XML means that the information in the schema is programmatically accessible through the same standard XML interfaces you’re likely already working with.

You can also use regular expression patterns to build just about any kind of text data type you can imagine.

The following schema fragment illustrates defining a data type for social security numbers using a regular expression pattern.

When defining your own data types, you typically build on top of one of the simple types, adding constraints like minimum and maximum values or length limits.

In this regard, schema data types are much like database types.

XML schema provides an import mechanism for keeping schemas modular and allowing for reuse.

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