good dating places in san diego - How to write a good dating ad

Of course, window dressing is one way to get prospective customers’ attention, but online, this task falls to your PPC ads.

Some of them were beautiful, fun, interesting, and even resulted in a couple of great relationships.

However, the most insane and frightening girl I’ve (against all reason and rational thought) had sex with, I also met on Craigslist. If you’re looking for a smart, successful and fun girl, you need to at least attempt to project the image that you’re also somewhat intelligent.

Now, my legion of newly educated Craigslist brethren, go forth with the knowledge I’ve so graciously bequeathed upon you!

Use it wisely, as the search for love and/or a baby’s mama is fraught with peril and disaster.

Edit your writing in Microsoft Word or some equivalent program first, then run the spell checker.

Most web browsers will even tell you if you’re spelling things wrong.Don’t leave your description so vague that just anybody can answer, though. If you’re looking for a 420-loving hippie girl that likes jam bands and doesn’t shower, you’re probably insane or from Boulder.However, you’d better write something to that effect in your ad, lest you be disappointed when a gorgeous blonde girl-next-door answers your ad. You can’t demand “no fat chicks” if your diet and exercise regime consists of chowing down on Mc Nuggets and lifting a progressively lighter can of Milwaukee’s Best.So you’re saying to yourself, “I’m really bored/crushingly lonely/too ugly to meet women in person/etc. I’ll just slap some shit together and hope for the best! Read on, dear audience, and the Obi Wan of meeting hot babes on Craigslist will teach you how to write something that may make you look like a champion, rather than the antisocial glue huffer that you most likely are. Even thought I don’t know how to write Craigslist M4W personal ads! However, there are a few cardinal rules you should obey so a woman (yes, an actual living, breathing woman, with boobs and everything) might actually write back to your goofy ass.This is Marketing 101, so put your best foot forward, even if that foot has three toes.

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