How to prevent flash player from updating bonefish dating

“After installation, the malware establishes a foothold on the attacked computer and connects to its command and control servers located in Switzerland, Bulgaria and the Netherlands, to await further instructions and exfiltrate data,” explained Kaspersky Lab.

Adobe has described the issue as “a critical type confusion vulnerability”, which means cyber criminals could use it to infect victims with malware without them realising.

If you have Flash installed, you should update, hobble or remove Flash as soon as possible.

Anything that makes it less likely users will update Flash seems like a bad idea, especially when we’re talking about a program that often needs security fixes more than once a month.

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There are several ways to protect yourself from these types of attacks - enabling Click to Play, for instance, is one of them - ensuring that Flash-based elements only load in your browser on your command. Let's start with the first scenario: that you don't want to completely eradicate Adobe Flash from your computer.

In order to achieve this, you're going to have to think about your updates.

Google's Chrome browser has also been de-emphasizing Flash since the middle of last year.

Adobe's Flash Player has always suffered from a never-ending stream of critical vulnerabilities that expose Mac and PC users to malware and other security risks.

Vendors like Microsoft and Apple have had to work continually over the years to keep up with security fixes.

Apple also shared Adobe's Flash news on its Web Kit blog, and the company says it is working with Adobe and industry partners on the transition from Flash to open standards.

Chrome and IE should auto-install the latest Flash version on browser restart (I had to manually check for updates in Chrome an restart the browser to get the latest Flash version).

For some reason that probably has nothing to do with security, Adobe has decided to stop distributing direct links to its Flash Player software.

Kaspersky recommends disabling Flash Player, in order to stay protected.

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