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Cohabitating out of convenience (i.e., expired leases; financial sense) or to test a relationship can lead to problems down the road.

In the former case, women tend to perceive the couple as having less relationship confidence and less dedication.

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The inertia effect is only relevant to cohabiters who are not already engaged prior to cohabitation.

Compared to those who are less satisfied in the relationships, report less relationship dedication, and less relationship confidence (Rhoades et al., 2009b).

Are they wanting to spend more time together, or are they unsure of the relationship and want to test it?

Second, couples who cohabitate seem to be most successful when they’ve already committed to each other.

Relationship Outcomes Concerns about pre-marital cohabitation may be legit.

Substantial evidence associates cohabitation with negative relationship outcomes.

In the testing situation, both men and women report more negative interactions, more psychological aggression, and less relationship confidence, adjustment, and dedication (Rhoades et al., 2009a).

Such evidence suggests that differences in why people are cohabiting may be driving some of the associations between cohabitation and poorer relationship outcomes.

Pre-marital cohabitation is viewed as a risk factor for divorce as it predicts later marital instability, poorer marriage quality, and less relationship satisfaction (Kamp, Dush, Cohan, & Amato, 2003; Stanley et al., 2004).

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