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My first album was The Doobie Brothers…”Captain and Me.” You always remember your first!

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Kyle Mac Lachlan: I always stop by when I head down to Walla Walla…that’s a two hour meal!

I’m originally from Yakima as well 🙂 Do you still have family in the area?

On “Portlandia,” Kyle Mac Lachlan plays the energetic and affable Mayor, who tasks Fred and Carrie with missions to better the community and sometimes takes off on his own creative endeavors.

Above all, the Mayor is cool, hip and open with the public. Kyle Mac Lachlan: The mad team of Fred, Carrie and Jon made me an offer I couldn’t refuse!

Have you kept in touch with any of your fellow “Twin Peaks” natives? As Mayor of Portland, did you know the ear from “Blue Velvet” is housed at Movie Madness on Belmont in SE?

Kyle Mac Lachlan: Keep a red ball handy at all times. Do you enjoy working with the real mayor of Portland? Kyle Mac Lachlan: Very much, and he’s a good sport.

Kyle Mac Lachlan: We’re both positive to the point of nausea 🙂 Kyle, what is it about the Pacific Northwest you find so inspiring? When are we going to see some Mayor action figures with detachable Mayor-Capes?

Have you started shooting your new movie with Drake Doremus yet?

Kyle Mac Lachlan: That would be awfully long…maybe Mac Attack!

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