Hookup for th over 50

I loved the feeling of his huge dick filling my ass.

When he came, I could feel a warmth flood my insides.

Hookup for th over 50-84

"No problem", he said, "I live quite close and have plenty of liquor. " I had developed a real taste for scotch my freshman year so I quickly agreed to accompany him.

It took very little time to arrive at his apartment, a modern (for the time) place on the twelfth floor with a nice view of the city.

The pain had receded to the background and I felt a fullness I had never known.

"My god," I thought, "I am being fucked by a man and I love it".

To tell the truth, I had occasionally thought about being with a man but I had always pushed these thoughts away. I tingled all over and my cock was harder than I could ever remember. Hesitantly, I licked the head running my tongue around his piss slit.

Then he turned me over and stood in front of my face and began to gently slap his cock against my cheeks. Little by little my lips worked their way down his shaft.

Then he inserted a finger and began to push it in and twist it around.

Then it was two fingers as he methodically loosened my ass.

Bit by bit he penetrated me deeper and deeper until his shaft was buried in my ass.

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