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Moreno pulled in 66 percent of the vote, nearly 50,000, while her next closest opponent, fellow Democrat Joe Bouie, earned just 28 percent with just over 21,000 votes.

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In 2015, Lindsay co-founded luxury beauty label, Wander Beauty, where she currently serves as Creative Director.

In November 2013, after six years of dating, Ellingson became engaged to her long-term boyfriend Sean Clayton, a medical equipment salesman and former college football player.

The NRA did not respond to five phone calls and emails seeking comment about this year’s effort to add “dating partners.”But in May 2015, a NRA spokeswoman told that Moreno “should focus on the provisions of the bill that would deter domestic abusers like better enforcement of restraining orders and increased penalties for people who violate restraining orders.”State Sen.

Dan Claitor, the Baton Rouge Republican and former prosecutor who led the effort to oust Brown, says Brown’s example connected the dots for many legislators.

Earlier this year legislators were up to their necks in a drama of their own making when Troy Brown refused to leave the state Senate simply because he pleaded no contest to two misdemeanors: beating up his girlfriend, then a few months later biting his wife. 16, a few days before what promised to be an embarrassing Senate expulsion hearing.

But for months Brown had argued that he shouldn’t have to give up his seat for pleading no contest to crimes Louisiana legally equated to spitting on the sidewalk.“To my knowledge and research no other state has removed a sitting senator for a misdemeanor charge,” Brown’s attorney, Jill Craft, said Feb. “My charge to this Legislature is that if you are upset about domestic abuse then, damn it, do something about it.

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Currently, domestic abuse battery applies only to “household members,” that is spouses, family members or co-habitants.

Moreno said this leaves a huge loophole for intimates who do not live with, are not married to, or are not related to the victim.

Williams coasted to an easy victory, earning 73 percent of the vote in his division.

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