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One of the biggest determinants of this is whether there is any physical chemistry between you – the spark that everyone is looking for that makes your knees go weak and your heart rate rise.

The good news is that even if it is only a tiny flame to begin with it can be fanned to create a furnace of desire – the trick is to not get to the bedroom too soon.

We live in an age of instant gratification and liberal attitudes.

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It is good if you both go home feeling a bit weak kneed after a passionate goodnight kiss.

Personal care – If you feel good about yourself you will be more confident and feel sexier.

What do you call a six-and-a-half-foot tall, muscled up, bear-shifting fire fighter? He’s every ounce the panty-melting, bad boy, calendar hunk bear you’d think.

What about one with a long record of selflessly saving cubs from burning buildings? There’s only one problem: there’s a hole in his soul, and he knows he needs a mate to fill it, but he’ll be damned if he can find the one.

It isn’t all about what you say – your body language and behaviour can all be used to good effect if you know how.

Limited availability – It is a strange quirk of human nature that we want things more if we think we can’t have them.

Dancing can also help you to become attuned and responsive to how the other person moves so that by the time you make love you won’t so feel awkward in each other’s embrace.

Since 2001, Filipino Cupid has connected thousands of Filipino singles with their matches from around the world, making us one of the most trusted Filipino dating sites.

You can check out their profile at any time and see the time and place of your last encounter. Like them secretly with the Heart button: they won't find out... And if you wish to be noticed, charm them to send them a notification.

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