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Some of these file types may contain server and service configuration information or other information the organization may not intend to publish.

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Hoping to help and preventing gotchas being the main theme .....

(The edit of the below ONLY APPLIES to version 802HP2 or earlier.

These primarily deal with file and database authentication and authorization services.

Modify the “APACHE_MODULES” directive in the “/etc/sysconfig/apache2” file to remove unnecessary modules from the server configuration and restart Apache.

If the module is not running it does not need to be managed or secured.

With some degree of certainty there is a small subset of Apache server modules that can and should be disabled on most OES Linux and Suse Linux Enterprise servers.

An example of this would be the vendor and version of the operating system hosting the Apache instance.

Instructing Apache to not declare the operating system provider used on its host is quite easy to do.

However, even these sources may not contain this information at times.

So, when in doubt update and test core OS components prior to applying Group Wise software on OES and SLES hosts.

This section contains clever working examples, good advice, some warnings, and just plain criticisms.

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