Grad student online dating

The next step is to find an advisor, which can be difficult.

For programs that don’t have official rotation schedules for their students, this means you’re on your own to untangle your path to a Ph D.

It’s no secret that meeting people is much harder at this stage in life.

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And if you’re single, you might be planning on heading to a bar tonight.

Or curling up in your pyjamas with a movie and a tub of ice cream. In undergrad, you’re surrounded by opportunities to meet people: in class, extracurriculars, socials…

One of the best feelings as a student is receiving that acceptance letter from a school or program you thought was nearly impossible to get into.

However, for graduate school, getting in is only the first step.

Maybe you want to find that ideal advisor, so you bide your time thinking he or she will eventually turn up and you’ll get your way.

In reality, that could end up far from true — and the clock is still ticking!

The one day of the year where people are clearly divided into two categories: taken or single.

If you’re taken, you’re eagerly anticipating a special date night with your significant other, and perhaps a chance to re-profess your love and appreciation that they’re in your life.

Basically, finding an advisor is eerily similar to online dating.

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