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Anyway, this new guy also asked me to do something in the bedroom and I said no.

After that he started to become distant and when I confronted him about it he said that I did two things that turned him off.

Sometimes it was because of where I was in my life, sometimes it was because I didn’t feel the woman and I were a good enough match for a long-term relationship.

Yesterday I came into work and I looked pretty, he saw me and was like ” wow look at you, do you have a date? He said very funny and then my last name, like I was one of his guy friends!

From what you described, it sounds to me like you guys started out well, but somewhere along the line something ended up hurting his pride/ego and he’s been acting from that place since then.

I think the majority of guys hear it as, “Are you ready to settle down?

” As in, is the guy willing to give up his freedom and everything he enjoys to be with you.

In regards to #2 – when you didn’t do what he wanted, the way it probably hit him is that he wasn’t “good enough” or “worthy enough” for you to do what he wanted.

And so he took it as an insult from you (even though that is definitely not how you intended it).

I think that once a guy wants a relationship with a woman, he will make it obvious. You stayed true to yourself and had self-respect, which is admirable.

Unfortunately, taking the path of self-respect and being true to yourself is not always easy.

There’s this guy at work that was pursuing me since last November. He used to joke that I was his twin who was separated at birth or his future wife.

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