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A source told People magazine, "They had a coffee date at Alfred on Melrose Place. They were laughing and walking with their arms around each other.

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The two, who have been on-again, off-again over the last three years, were seen holding hands during a dinner date at Crossroads in West Hollywood.

Morgan is the daughter of the late real estate mogul Harry Joe “Coco” Brown Jr.

, has done what it does best and relays that there is actual no truth to the rumor that the pair actually hooked up at the hotel that evening.

The only truth is that Butler did, in fact, pay for dinner that night.

"When Howard Stern asked the actor on Monday what exactly happened, Butler explained that he had met Glanville at a beach party and the two "had a little fun" one afternoon … Fast forward to January 2012, Butler told Stern, "I'm walking down the street and this pap … ' ''He goes on, "You know what I said: 'Who's Brandi Glanville?

' because one, I didn't know her last name," he added laughing, "and two, I didn't know she was a celebrity and I didn't know she was going to ... "Butler, 43, has now moved on to Romanian model Madalina Ghenea, and he shared the story of their first meeting with Extra's Jerry Penacoli."I met her here in New York, and we hung out all night, didn't even kiss, tried on my hat collection. In interviews to promote his upcoming film Olympus Has Fallen, Butler is setting the record straight about his new girlfriend and an old fling.On Howard Stern's radio show Monday, Butler was asked about having slept with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, who is also Eddie Cibrian's ex.I said, 'I'm coming to visit you in Milan,' and three days later, I was at her door in Milan. After his split with Naomi Watts in September, “Ray Donovan” actor Liev Schreiber is sparking dating rumors!'He’s the guy guys want to be and girls want to be with.’ Butler plays Mike Chadway, a handsome, grizzly-voiced chauvinist who becomes a guest commentator on a morning television show produced by the romantically challenged Abby (Heigl), sending its ratings through the roof.

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