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And seemingly everyone — from casual fans to the New York Times — talks about the commercials.

The whole notion of "the Super Bowl commercial" as something eagerly awaited and much debated really arose in the 1990s, when the rise of the internet allowed for more instantaneous shared reactions to what happens on television.

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The mania for all things related to the NFL's annual championship game spreads beyond game day.

Sports news channels offer round-the-clock coverage of every pregame interview and workout.

And with 2013’s "Brotherhood," the brewer and its agency Anomaly (with the help of RSA Films and director Jake Scott, son of Ridley) produced this touching spot that went viral online, thanks in part to some early promotion.

Almost as soon as it aired, social media filled with people begrudgingly admitting that a beer commercial had made them cry, thanks to its use of Fleetwood Mac’s wistful "Landslide" and its story of a horse trainer being reunited with one of his Clydesdales.

The NFL’s own cable network runs marathons of past Super Bowl highlights.

The entertainment media speculates about what the halftime show will entail.

And every year for over a decade, there have been some great and not-so-great LGBTQ themed ads.

Since many of us are more interested in the ads than the actual game, check these out if all that football stuff is just too boring!

Everything from advances in special effects to variations in gender politics and an increasingly polarized America can be traced via what airs on TV between touchdowns.

That's why the following list, arranged roughly chronologically, doesn’t try to name the Super Bowl commercials of all time (although some of the ads I've included definitely qualify).

Take CBS's decision to accept an advocacy ad from the Christian group Focus on the Family, which is being protested by women's groups including the National Organization of Women.

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