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I have a large collection of PC naval games dating back to DOS, Windows 95 and XP and the recent Windows 7. Pacific Fleet has been developed using the Unity Engine so it can be ported to PC, Mac, i OS, Android etc.

There isn't much lately in PC naval games other than online games. Reminds me of the old TASK FORCE 1942 and DESTROYER COMMAND. Right now I've focused on i OS and if it generates enough interest a release via Steam for PC would certainly be possible at some point in future. Everything looks solid, found a few cosmetic bugs and tweaked the damage model a little more.

Just click on the "UMaine Black Bears Recruit Site" below.

They are the #1 seed in the Connecticut tournament.

As outlined previously by LSatch Connecticut playoffs game will be available for the Semifinals and Finals only for a subscription here. Bruins-USPHL) & Jack Moran (Islanders HC-USPHL) - will face off next weekend for the USPHL Premier division championship.

As you have correctly observed the game is turn based.

The player takes a turn and then each enemy ship takes a turn.

For anyone interested there is a detailed description of the ballistics and buoyancy physics on the .

Note that there are indicators to provide a visual queue on the amount of damage and/or flooding a ship has sustained, but the actual sinking or capsizing of a vessel is all based on buoyancy physics.

Given enough interest in the game the plan is to extend it to include full 3D navigation of vessels, individual guns on target, more ships and flesh it out into a full simulation with navigation on the Pacific Ocean map. Although I have to admit I have been a lurker on these forums for many years, since the release of Silent Hunter III back in 2005 in fact Silent Hunter III and the "Natural Sinking Mechanics" mod were a huge inspiration for Pacific Fleet and I've been an avid fan of many of the full realism mods as well.

That extra level of detail seems to be lacking in many games these days...

I wonder if we can navigate the ships in the 3d world as all the screenshots and pics show only seem to show gunnery options.

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