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The poison is a necessary condition of its merrymaking. It is true that when one considers O, the character, and ’s obscenity eases.One loves to hate, but even critique, which is devoted to the object it criticizes, which lavishes it with the most intense of its attentions, which parasitizes it and assumes it as a basis for synthesis, is love. In the text, O’s lover presents her for prostitution within the limits of a clandestine, male-run society.

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The two processes are bound in the word, synonymous and simultaneous.

The two processes, in the work of the philosopher Michel Foucault, are one.

He kissed her, lay down beside her on the bed, his face to her face, and tenderly and slowly and gently took her, moving to and fro between the two passages offered to him, finally spilling himself into her mouth which he then kissed again. Pierre chained her hands above her head by the bed chain.

When she was thus bound, her lover stepped up on the bed, kissed her, penetrated her again, told her that he loved her, then stepped back onto the floor and nodded to Pierre.

The social forces which seem to exist outside the subject actually, in his schema, created its subjectivity in the first place and make use of that subjectivity as a means to their own normalizing ends. You begin to write in the absence of an injunction from without. Your joy has been disciplined into you: power enters you and perpetuates itself through you by giving you a skill.

In the Foucaultian schema there are different ways that power ‘gets into you’ (though there is no ‘you’ before power generates you, before it sculpts you as an entity with particular capacities and desires).In what follows, I would like to track this concept’s presence in the pages of a text which horrifies me and which excites me and which I love.This is an ambivalent essay: It gulps down so much poison in the process of its merrymaking. It is an evacuated figure: ‘empty,’ but also ‘open’ to the outside, a positive feature.Language bestows the categories, narratives and logics we use to interpret ourselves and our experience. It precedes us and we ‘pick it up.’ It conditions how we think, what we think, what we can imagine, and in doing so circumscribes what we can be.It was not always possible to be ‘traumatized,’ for example; ‘trauma,’ the category, only came into being at a particular point in history.You are punished when you deviate from the norms of correctness and appropriateness; you learn how to behave ‘properly,’ which is just to say ‘normally’; you learn how to think ‘well,’ which is just to say ‘normally’; other possibilities are foreclosed.

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