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I was really pissed off with this scene with Kanga. Well, in the end just one of the weirder challengers.

He talked big talk about how great he would be in bed and he got undressed and just sat there. Not only he was unable to get his cock hard for enough time, to ma...

If you want to know what porn was like some years ago, then rest assure you’ll find what you seek in these awesome retro videos.

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Though he tried his best to make his cock hard, he was unable to do so.

So I invited Tony on the set and that's when Wendy ...

So wonderful she will make your breath stop and your cock hard. And let me tell you, my friends, she is a fantastic catch.

So hot she could be a nominee for Casting girl of the year an... Charlotte, our 18 year old cutie, is back for her first anal.

In there, you could see all the hot action going on and it was a unique experience.

This lasted until 1985 in what was called the “Golden Age of Porn”.

But with the new technologies came the VHS, which sent the adult movie theaters to bankruptcy as it is much better to enjoy a movie like this in your privacy than in a theatre with a bunch of people you don’t know.

Some of that VHS material is here too, as late 80s and early 90s porn is really hot and raw.

Today’s challenger is an inexperienced 20y old boy.

Wendy doesn’t hold her breath, but she is pleasantly surprised when a long, hard dick pops out from his pants. Our newbie tried his best, his hard cock was doing its job nicely and Wendys pussy seeem...

Every casting is game of chances - is the girl going to go for it or walk out?

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