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“Specifically, those violations involved unauthorized and inappropriate communication with students.

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“We do everything we can and, although this doesn’t happen very often, we as an administrative team sit down and review what happened and how we vet people and see if there’s any place we can improve.” Moss said he cannot remember anything like this happening during the five years he has been with Boyne City schools.

“The way student teaching works is that the student teacher will come into the classroom and observe the regular teacher for a period of time.

According to law enforcement officials, while he is on bond, Bolser is not allowed to use a computer or have any contact with minors without adult supervision.

He is also prohibited from having contact with the alleged victim.

At the same time, I am extremely proud of our students who had the courage to report what they believed to be wrong.

In today’s world, the safety of our school relies on individuals being willing to report wrongdoing and not stand by silently.” Jarema also said students who have been emotionally affected by this have been encouraged to meet with the school counselor.

All University of Memphis students are able to purchase discounted software for use on their personal computer.

Enter the General Discount Software Store Software associated with Apple is available for purchase by students at discounted prices.

And, as things progress, the Boyne City teacher will hand the reigns over to the student teacher until the student teacher is doing it all,” said Moss.

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