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However, if you tend to carry a balance most months this is a moot point since that would nullify any card’s grace period provision.

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Credit One offers an unlimited 1 percent cash back on gas and groceries, and those rewards post to your account each month in the form of a statement credit.

Any kick-back on your spending is good, but these rewards aren’t enough reason to keep the card longer than you have to.

Regardless of your credit, there’s no excuse for not doing your homework and being informed.

The main silver lining to the Credit One card is that your account activity will report to the three credit bureaus.

So, as long as you know what it is and it fits your needs, it’s a card that could make sense.

However, many people in Credit One’s target market are not all that financially sophisticated and can feel taken advantage of when it comes to the terms offered.So, take the rewards for what they are — a nice little reimbursement for some of your spending — and graduate to a fair-credit card (even one without rewards) as soon as you’re able. Since Credit One discloses the terms and conditions in the application’s fine print, the card certainly can’t be labelled as being a scam or being intentionally deceptive.It is what it is – simply a sub-prime card that has some rather high fees (which, to be fair is typical of cards in the subprime card market and is necessary in order for issuers to make a profit).Future increases might be granted at the issuer’s discretion and may require paying afee.Keep in mind that the first year’s annual fee will immediately be billed to your account when it’s opened and reduce your available credit by that amount.However, that shouldn’t require you to be raked over the coals while you’re rebuilding your credit rating, either.

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