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Here, a total of 10 seconds (5 times 2 seconds) has been set.

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At the beginning of each shape to be cut is a G00 (rapid traverse with torch off) line.

At the end of each such line of code, add a space, and then "M51". Insert additional lines of code repeating the M51 command to get the total pre-heat time desired.

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You get in touch with people from different walks of life.Your machine will now dwell 10 seconds for pre-heat, and again for 3 seconds after the cutting oxygen comes on before the torch starts to move.Place this same sequence of lines at the beginning of each shape to be cut.A dwell of 3 seconds has been set for the torch to penetrate the material before starting to move. Next, with your G-code file loaded, select FILE/EDITOR.The G-code will appear in a window, as shown at right.In this illustration, an incremental dwell time of 2 seconds has been set for pre-heat before the cutting oxygen comes on.

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