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When the osprey mother began neglecting and attacking her chicks in 2014, anxiety exploded among some viewers, as did demands that the institution intervene to save the baby birds.

The team tweeted out a clip of the exchange, and you don’t have to be a master lip-reader to know what’s going on.

Hours before her son was named the NFL’s MVP, the mother of Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton reached out to him, sending the kind of text message only a mother can deliver.

The osprey cam at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is trained on a nest near the Massachusetts seaside, and the pair that call it home are now waiting for three eggs to hatch.

But for the first spring in a decade, the camera is dark, and a note on the institute’s website offers only a two-sentence explanation.

“It is absolutely disgusting that you will not take those chicks away from that demented witch of a parent!!!!!

” one viewer emailed to Jeffrey Brodeur, the communications specialist who ran the camera.Many chicks don’t survive their first year: Some starve to death, their carcasses decaying for all the Internet to see. One day in mid-July, Brodeur said, his phone “just starts blowing up.” He looked at the nest, which is on a platform right outside his second-floor office window.“There’s a lot of wing-flapping going on,” he recalled.Under cover of darkness, they headed to the nest site and tossed meat into it — a roast, to be specific.The viewers were never identified, but their actions prompted a scolding on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam’s Facebook page, reminding them that feeding bald eagles, which are protected, is a federal offense. R.” that Ginnie Pritchett Mc Spadden says she has dealt with since her family launched the uber-popular cam four years ago.They started out with an eagle pair they named Ozzie and Harriet.

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