Free foot dating site dating fort texas worth

LOL"cranks my tractor" I hate feet - feet are disgusting!!

(If they're clean.) Anything that gets her off (within reason, I'm not a toilet.) is my pleasure, too.

I had one girlfriend that loved for me to suck her toes, while I was focking her.

LOL Kinda like wondering why high heels or boots are sexy.... So keep up the feedback guys, and women, through email or through here, it's very appreciated.

I'm not a foot fan per se; but, if a lady likes her feet taken care of, I'm not going to say no.

From my perspective they have to be clean and preferably reasonably well manicured but otherwise they are just another part of person.

If a man enjoyed sucking/nibbling nipples I doubt that many would say he was a breast fetishist. My first girlfriend had a serious problem with me going anywhere near her feet, if I accidentally strayed down that far I would have to profusely apologise and make up for it somehow My other girlfriends have been more ok with foot worshipand my latest, well, yeah baby, she loves it, ahe really loves it yeahhhhhh love and peacehug someone new today regards from 40, defender of the faith, the weak and the ridiculous.

We have some photographers and each on is thinking up a scene that would be sexy, maybe erotic, but art without being vulgar, something sitting on the coffee table not under he bed.

I wanted to put in captions and quotes from foot lovers, so anyone wanting to help with the project is welcome.

I put men's feet in my interests list and have gotten some wonderful responses.a man who sent wonderful pics and shows me his working on an art exhibition of foot prints..collage..d photos..another man offered to come over and worship my feet wow....

The feet are and 2nd -dary SEXUAL zone and the big toe is very phallic and in between each toe is a littel pu**y....mmmmmmm I love the sinew.tendons.bone.arch...

I'm not or do I pretend to be an anthropologist, but, like largest breasts and nice legs, and many other feminine attributes, men are attracted to women who would make the best breeders, thus good feet for traveling, and on and on with the various body parts now that all the ladies are on the bandwagon for some male bashing, arn't you attracted to men with strong shoulders, muscular butt and an apropritate package for delivering the goods.for the rest..

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