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Tampons may contain “residue from chemical herbicides,” says Sharra Vostral, a historian at Purdue University who wrote columnist and Feministing founder Jessica Valenti wrote one of the first high-profile critiques of the tax in her 2014 piece “The Case for Free Tampons,” where she charged that “women’s feminine hygiene products should be free for all, all the time.”Horrified conservatives fired back: If women had access to free tampons, what would come next—cars and food? Some have professed concerns about theft (girls will steal all the tampons! ) and recouping lost revenues.“These are excuses,” says New York City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland, who introduced a New York City bill aiming to put free tampons and pads in all public school bathrooms, homeless shelters and prisons. I have yet to hear someone say, ‘Well, what’s the budget on all these [free] condoms?

“You'll never walk into a bathroom in a public office without toilet paper. ’”California Assembly members Cristina Garcia and Ling Ling Chang introduced a bill in January to exempt women’s menstrual products from sales tax.

This process is as natural as eating, drinking and sleeping, and it’s beautiful too: There’s no human race without it. When girls first start their periods, they embark on a decades-long journey of silence and dread. They cause backaches and cramps, not to mention a cloud of emotional ickiness—and this goes on every month, for 30 to 40 years.

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Thinx donates a portion of every sale to the Uganda-based Afri Pads, which teaches women to make and sell reusable pads.

Agrawal is also launching Thinx Global Girls Clubs, which will give out subsidized menstrual products and teach health education, self-defense and entrepreneurship.

Michigan, Virginia and Wisconsin are among the other states that have introduced legislation to eliminate the tampon tax. As she wrote in the 2015 book to win in a court of law.” The tampon tax is well on its way out. “Name another issue in this country that has bipartisan support in such a bold, open way.”“I’m wearing the boy shorts!

In Utah, an all-male panel voted 8-3 against the proposed Hygiene Tax Act. Since the start of 2016, 14 states have introduced tampon tax legislation, and those efforts are still alive in 12 states. ” Miki Agrawal says, standing up and pulling down her form-fitting houndstooth pants to reveal sleek black underwear.

Meanwhile, ad campaigns sanitize this bloody mess with scenes of light blue liquids gently cascading onto fluffy white pads while women frolic in form-fitting white jeans.

In a 1978 satire for magazine, feminist pioneer Gloria Steinem answered the question that so many women have asked: “What would happen, for instance, if suddenly, magically, men could menstruate and women could not?The situation for prison inmates and homeless women is far direr.Even if you do have access to tampons, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require companies to list the ingredients—yet the average woman has a tampon inside her vagina for more than 100,000 hours over her lifetime.We’d have “Paul Newman Tampons” and “Muhammad Ali’s Rope-a-Dope Pads” and a new model for compliments: Keep up with this story and more ”Nearly 40 years later, Steinem’s essay still stings because “menstrual equity” has gone almost nowhere.Today, tampons and pads are taxed in most states while adult diapers, Viagra, Rogaine and potato chips are not.Thinx come in six styles and cost to a pair.

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