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In going moniing, with a body gaurd of the Fourth [ ^^^tly, to within less than a mile of our po- nv«i to Genl Pope. and n.«t at being superseded by his lafenor in , ^^^^^ ^,„, ^y their votes, declare that they i .^ ^j,^ ^^^^ ^.^^ j evuien^^ ^^ overwhelming force. and at his request the secretary of « ar , ^^^^ ^j^j, ^g j^ raying that they have had st J o is situated on the Pembina river, and j '];\^ck ware, oo Satwday, aboat one thons- j„„cture two of our gnnboats. l» kn mii In th U t»oatry •r Kii P'p", "ver mruiii; i.»s», Kriiii ii Kr»n: g Ryv K. Hooker's Division broke camp in the Governors of the loyal States, the President J^J^^^^^^.^^^^^ ^ J ^.^ ^.^^^^^j^,^ 'P^^,^ . pounders, the shells e.xplodiug in the edge of the woods .nlong the line of hills where it was supposed the enemy would attempt to turn our left. M.r at tl,.- froni rioor of thc Court l Iou K- In a.xl-1 (of^c'rtt •». Their course is to- ' tcrg at Savages Station at daviight on Sunday ^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^.jj^.^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ advancing, ap- Vireinia— the command of which has been : ^ confident of victory, and fully satl-fied ward Devils Lake and its vicinity. ^«.l.« that thp, """^ *" "'*'''^ themselves more or leas useful „„t, after crossing tho White Oak .,j,bting driven in. to -iff T the pu Lllr a marol Bf •"» »•• »t::(lc lull 7 Octave Rosew^ood Piano ci.nliiliilnis»ll lniprov«iii.i! KEW y CKK AND EEIE RAILROAD- GREJT BROAD CIVGE, DOUBLR TR. In response to a pioposition made by the ^^^^-^^ ntr Ulhou^brea^'^r Gen.

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-~f- t * 'J- j» i— ib ike f Mopei J ^^^^* mjusfli B irmi UTri DAT ao Rsuro at SVAKOPEE, MIX!

^ MACDONALD & RUSSBLL, " f ibwtjj and ^luiott, now and (orivir, ^Uif ana inisriiarattf." VOLUME 1.

Rye is quite ripe and | the "reaper" aud cradler are "severing every ■ tie that binds it to earth." Hevbkal "general orders" have been is.«ued but wc have not space for them this week ; they will appear in onr next. — A drove of young buffalo was in town on Monday last They were taken to Minneapolis. The subscriber, thankful for past favors, would respectfully inform tbe the citizc Bs of SCOTT COUNTY & VICINITY that he ha.4 just opeoed in the hit Bre Lately Occupied by P. S^9' Remember the Old IStand ; earner of Holmes and First Streets, Shakopeo Mm nesota- ;o: Job Work and Repairing of all kinds done at short notice. BR Rt THBR " A MAB, OR A Mor SR, OR A LONG- TAILEII BAT," BUT I.\ BITHKR CASK, ADVERTISE!

Harvfjt Beci-.v— Harvest has begun in | earnest, in this vicinity.

notice Is hereby «lven that in pnr»uane bluhr U liloder at tbe office •ritex Kterol Oeed-i. In the County of L« Sueur and Stale of Mln Ti«««ta on the Jih day ef July, a n ima' at 10 o'clock A M, the lol|..wtiigdescrbed lands, to wli- Norlh-wesi iiiiarier ol .-ecii..!!

SD WHAT TOU DO Pl»B A LIVELI- UOOP, AND ADVERT ISE! tf Toc VAjrr TO or bic Rs ii IE)TIBIB^It SIB3 IE TOr ABB A PBOPESSIONAL MAl T, AD VERTISE! DHFFYa Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Hardicare nnd Cutlery Stoves Tin and Slieet-Iron Ware, Agricultural Inipliments. Gen.i „,^,i of the - change " which they were told, if the country hereabouu belonged to the' ^ad of the wounded ane j q^^ nominees are " the nght men in the | ^^^ j,j ,.^j j^ j^ ^^^^ „^,,y p^^^^^ that I have the nature and severity of their wounds, and a oauuio Departine BT. Rosencraos has ^^^j^^ place," and are just such men as the iu- g^n within tho last 300 miles that I would be „ a matter of humanity, as we U as necessity twwn assigned to the command of the forces , ^^^ prostrate and bleeding country, '■ ofilliug to locate on It stands on a de«p val- they were left behind. Fremont became indig- ' [.^ ^^en the day of election rolls round the out oa this hunt they take their ei Uire fam.lie* Unlte U States Cavalry aud •'•H^^^o™* °*« Stion. the Galena and wry willingly and wi.-«ly relieved him. who could walk slowly f^"«'"^«i ^^''J'^J JZ battle at James Island, near Cbar-| '^''"*!! No doubt these terrific mi.rrmla*i win »»■ a«4d at I'nlille Aurti"! i MMI* OM Inw Ttlon ; • • *^-^ Km* •rl'lltlonat ln»«ilon • .

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