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After she recovered from the near drowning, Mandy wrote on a stone, 'Today, my best friend Margot saved my life.' Margot who had slapped and saved her best friend, asked Mandy, 'After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand, and now, you write on a stone, why?

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One of the new realized realities of our society today is the fact that most people can now separate love and sex.

Furthermore, if we’re to succeed in bringing about the individual and collective change the world needs to survive and prosper then, to quote Mark Gerzon, author of Leaders without Borders: That’s what my Jamaican in China adventure represents–it’s a metaphor to challenge existing stereotypes, limitations and preconceptions, and get people thinking outside the proverbial box of limitations.

Here, then, are five things I learned in China that surprised me, changed my perspective, broadened my world view, and changed my life!

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It’s been said you usually regret the things you DIDN’T do, and rarely regret the things you DID do.

With that in mind, the three decisions that occupy the top spots in “the best decisions I ever made,” in the pursuit of a life without regret, are , that was for a very short two weeks.

Earnhardts induction was the most anticipated proven when a No 3clad fan in the back of the room cheered and raised three fingers in salute Unlike the other inductees, whose choices for introduction and acceptance speeches were wellknown, Earnhardts representatives had more fluid and the crowd was not certain who would speak.

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